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Steering intervention from suicidal suicide
In the most severe cases of depression, Luo Weiping had been planning his own death.
The most agile way is to jump, who lives on the sixth floor, he did not fear death will jump into disability; occasionally go out, wondering simply let the car killed, but,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000762248.html, really standing on the street, who did not hit him, those when the car around him, but also scolded two.
Planning failures experience of death, after illness, which he used as a suicide crisis intervention "work practice", taught in patients with depression.
He is now a counselor,louboutin soldes, he had this to persuade a girl had wanted to commit suicide.
"You see, you live so low, jumped down, eight are not die, become disabled; if you turned on the gas, if it was lighter, half the building would not fried; hanged himself tongue sticking out will be difficult to see, but also no lanyard for places, too much trouble, we plan to take it, or else the next month and then die. "
Under his enlighten girls condition was restored, and like death without success.
So far, volunteers as a suicide crisis intervention, Luo Weiping successful rescue of the 16 suicide attempts by patients with depression, had also won the knife empty-handed, rescued a middle-aged man to commit suicide.
He said: "My past experience is saving lives,Chaussure louboutin pas cher ."
People familiar with his opinion, after depression healed, every day in a state of excitement, there can never be done,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/uchiyama-sports/can-aa06920-a.html, there are always people who see endless. On his own printing business cards, identity of seven or eight,http://www.shgu.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=60850, namely: judges, counselors, Independent supervisors,http://www.aihoku.net/cgi-local/aska/aska.cgi/YhgGYXGXwAvg, school counselors, volunteer suicide prevention organization, the Great Northern Wilderness old youth,http://www.gych.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=1866420, Project Hope Ambassadors.
His day is filled with countless pieces of the intersection of thing happened with others.
He received many visitors at home, or to seek a panacea for patients with depression, or to shoot a documentary welfare of the students, be sure to let him or Sike reporters on the mirror.
In suicide prevention hotline operator, he is the oldest volunteer. Sometimes all night on the phone, receive counseling from afar depression, and talk for one night. This high intensity night shift, five times within a month.
On his micro-channel circle of friends, to turn on dozens of daily news messages are updated at midnight. On popular social networking sites are also constants in his life,http://sugarless.lovesick.jp/g_adoumei/memo/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=80/, nearly 2000 friends, visiting more than 60,000 people. Warm interaction where we all call him the old law.
With their own past experiences in life, to speak University of Political Psychology, talk to Normal law, to the countryside to support education, and students mixed together, is his normal life.
Luo Weiping someone jokingly asked him, is not antidepressant drugs containing stimulants, it has now become the common people have to Lotte.
He replied, may be extremes meet, and may even be overkill, but maybe this is the life the best, most appropriate their own state.
"I can not keep up with the idea of a lawyer."
63-year-old Luo Weiping was short and lean, dark, speed fast, jump thinking, most people need some reasonable guess, can slowly to keep up with the rhythm of his expression.
In 1987, Luo Weiping resigned from his hometown of Harbin TV work, in order to reunite with his wife to go to Shanghai.
Then go to court to find a job, interview ten minutes will pass. Subsequently, in the Huangpu District People's Court, the first two days of formal education only to Luo Weiping, from an ordinary judge did Intellectual Property Chamber President.
Luo Weiping was known as the "negative energy" of the case, in the last century, the rule of law has not yet come of age, he has been spinning in his hands.
An office and a district government employees staff disputes occur, after another petition to the district, regardless of the labor arbitration departments, the government also pay any attention.
Trouble for three years, the district government desperation, let the courts take this hot potato, the president is to make the eight-pole could not beat the economic court to investigators.
When the economic court of twice presided over the Full Court, and hearing that the plaintiff's request does not fall within the jurisdiction of the court, ruled that the program intends to dismiss the plaintiff.
Before the award is notified to the district government, the case was halted district leadership, "above" exerted influence. Luo Weiping had to "strenuous brains", drafting judgments, handed down in favor of a bureau of the district government, the plaintiffs appealed, but soon got the Intermediate People's Court upheld the final judgment.
"At that time the judges, many are not legal technical education, subject to the judge's professional competence, misjudged a large number of cases." Luo Weiping did a simple measure, then every ten cases, there are 3-4 It is wrong case. But some question the accuracy of that number.
"Sometimes sitting on the bench, listening to the debate between lawyers, particularly those faced with large foreign language and technical content of intellectual property cases, I can not keep up with their ideas, or simply can not understand where is the problem, but I have must make a decision. "Luo Weiping was very frank.
Negative energy also comes from the huge amount of cases,polo ralph lauren pas cher, high-pressure working state. And not "bend" personality, but also make him feel unhappy. When the Great Northern Wilderness rough, subtle met Shanghai, Luo Weiping hit others rounded corners, doing things very different philosophy, intensified his inner alienation.
Economic Chamber to work soon, Luo Weiping presided over the case of a partnership dispute,Chaussures louboutin, the original defendant has reached a settlement agreement, ready closed. When he submitted the case to the superior for approval and signature stamp, leadership put forward different views, and allowed to re-trial, but he felt very far-fetched reason, insists on his opinion matter knot, but left and leadership unpleasant trace.
Head - Interpersonal learn his character mappings. Years later, he played like the summary, when a rift with the people, said: "had been a worker, teachers, judges,http://www.aihoku.net/cgi-local/aska/aska.cgi/izgytnjqylvlust, and now want to join the army of the lack of experience, and therefore not very know how to unconditionally obey their superiors in several career ,Chaussures louboutin, have had to work because public debate and leadership experience. "
Luo Weiping has depression twice, once in late 1995 and 1996, the condition is slightly lighter. The second time was in 2000 to 2005, severe depression.
In 2000, has become the Intellectual Property Tribunal of , personally hosted a case, the superior court in a completely opposite result thorough revision.
Ten years, it never happened similar things, which makes him difficult to accept, feel incompetent, lost face. Depression, hit again.
Information age, technology innovation has brought work, learning to change the method, also frequently hit his heart. Court histology computer, compared to those students, Luo Weiping typing slow, very hard to learn. English do not know, the High Court, Court of intellectual property rights or the President, Dr. returnees mostly, he can not help them self-doubt, the "wild ways" how people can match.
"We know that an official suffering from depression, often after his death."
The word depression eye before illness,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/lens-deli/5-fairyn.html, not within his scope of understanding. After being diagnosed, he suddenly could not accept that she had mental illness and early retirement at the end of 2001.
Prolonged insomnia, take medicine every day. A person facing the wall, do not exercise, but not people, do not speak. Curtains to pull too tightly, but not light sense of security.
Heart begins to negative self-talk, that he had an incurable disease, and even focus on which part of the body, where pain is like.
Physical and psychological suffering double coated pressure in the body, because the dead, so plan your own death, then think about most things.
Luo Weiping worked for 10 years, farmers, and at that time he had two in the countryside along the Great Northern Wilderness educated youth friend heard that he was ill, made a special trip from the northeast came to see him, had gone to the door, but heard the doorbell hair fire, shouted to his wife:. "you let them go, I have to die, maybe tomorrow."
This he calls the "tomorrow" never came. Take care of his family and medical treatment, his condition gradually improved. In 2005, holding figure out why they would want to get sick of doubt, he studied psychology and sociology courses, passed the exam and became a national secondary counselors.
Luo Weiping early in the work exhibited chivalry, now being played out again. Now, not too much conflict and struggle. He worked nearly 600 hours of Shanghai World Expo volunteer, go to the hospital for cancer hospice.
The past two years, whenever Luo Weiping officials saw suicide occupy news headlines, will identify with: "Long-term official life easy to have distance and the outside world, even if the disease is difficult to detect disease carrying, we usually hidden. officials know of a depression when his death is. "
is considered to be a patient, government staff of severe depressive illness Shanghai first bare to the public. Canadian identity before a judge, and his history of illness is competing news media reports, most of which he mentions a reason, he can not stand is the unspoken rules of officialdom.
But that is not the case, he says: "Knowledge and experience limitations, plus decided the fate, but also to adapt the pursuit of perfection is not good, and even afford to lose, and get lost, but the unspoken rules only straw. "
July 12, Shanghai officially launched judicial system reform, judicial reform, "Shanghai plan" publicly. As a former front-line practitioners Language judge this reform bridgehead city said: "From the eyes of the heart for my peers and colleagues happy."

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