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in,louboutins, in the stool / I said,chaussures louboutin, in the stool ah / his mother said yes / I Zhang Jianhua's mother said on / how to do it? "Internet 9 years": In 1998, the Internet do not know why / 1999, and ran the chat room / 2000, make Home / 2001, do site / 2002, to engage in multimedia / 2003,armani lunette de vue, play blind / 2004, communication / 2005,chaussure nike pas cher, under the film / 2006, the Internet do not know why Share: welcome to comment I want to comment microblogging Recommended | hot microbloggStar News (reporter Zhang Min Wang Weiwei text / Chart) "I have not fought this long finally see what looks like a shell." Jiang waste collection shells hit two master Cry.

Wu Qing also wrote a song called" I fire? 'poetry joked: "I gave my mother called to tell her / I recently online fire / is that right? my mother will not be online, really? / really, my dear mother / this time I definitely did not lie to you / my mother was very pleased, then? / then I will not fire. I Say." Professionals said it was "entertainment group" Poetry For Wu Qing popular contemporary poet Zhou Yaping did not laugh, he said: "I feel very good, black students adhere to the established change people's definition of poetry for a long time, followed by literature mixed with poetry,boutique louboutin, all mixed silly, let Wu Qing Back in the small poem, let us return to himself small in the past, nothing bad "poet fishing boat,cappelli miami heat, said:." modern Poetry in three school, school is familiar to all academics, who wrote the poem very neat, content more serious; poets belong radicals,lunette de vue, their poetry is not neat, but the mood is stronger; faction is the entertainment pie,nike air max dames, their poetry is neither neat nor emotional high.

but the narrative is the little things in life, come in handy on She wrote poetry. Wu Qing belong to this last school. Although everyone says he speaks nonsense, but nonsense can write feelings, but I think he was a poet writing poetry, then this is a poem. " Our reporter Yin dimension "Clouds of praise": the clouds really white ah / Really, quite white / very white / very very very white / extremely white / thief white / white is simply dead / ah - "If you really give me money": my bank account is as follows: China Merchants Bank (microblogging) / 6225 74 / Zhenggong Yu / CCB / 4367 13 / Zhenggong Yu / ICBC / 6222 30 / Zhenggong Yu / ... "A Pear": I ate a pear / pear then see this in the supermarket / I saw it say / this pear good to eat / After a few days / supermarket discount this pear / I saw it, I want to say / these pears are cheap "How to do": I'm calling to Zhang Jianhua / answered the phone he / mother / I asked: Zhang Jianhua in it / said his mother.

self-deprecating bruise Although Tucao friends and suffered a parody, but the bruise seems very good mentality,louboutins, he not only in the micro-Bo netizens to ridicule him, said: "The last two days by the praise and commend than me in the past three non add up to even more than a decade of 7000 times, to be honest I'm a bit shy. in addition to thanks, I would like to say in fact there has been a lot of contemporary Chinese stealth excellent poet, but usually do not care about the public. in fact, we occasionally read Poetry not hurt it, why not "to thank friends concern.

remember that each punctuation mark wrap sentence cited idiom is Annie, no idiom is a pioneer in poetry. " Online striving "vanguard poet" Many users of the Wu Qing "crap body" was funny poetry,chrome hearts lunette de soleil, poet attack threshold is too low, but also a result,chaussure converse, many people began to play a parody of poetry Wu Qing, he said he can do a pioneer poet. Which is the most parody is "praise for clouds" original poem is written like this: "really white clouds in the sky ah / Really,piumini moncler outlet, quite white / white very / very very very white / extremely white / white thief / just dead white / ah - "friends" Michelle m "accordingly creation" of meeting praise ":" God asked his head Earth people love doing / God says: love meeting / really love to meet? / Special love meeting / thieves love to meet / great love meeting / ah - "friends" Yang Yi _ next month beautiful dream "is irony in this format Wu Qing:" you write bad poetry really bad ah / really, it Rotten sucks very bad / Special Special rotten rotten / extremely bad / rotten thief / almost rotten dead / ah - "friends" Southern small house,peuterey online, "he wrote" Beijing traffic to praise ":" Four bridge team blocking ah really / really, very very very block block block / very very very block / special block special block / extremely blocking / blocking thief / simply blocked / ah - " The creation of new work.

" became his own creation "pioneer Poetry" , confusing. Sign Ciming "crap body" Wu Qing's poem on the microblogging is reproduced over ten thousand times, many users called "world are scared", "flavors",scarpe hogan prezzi, "too god," "strong storm" ... friends, "Yang Yi beautiful next month _ dream, "said:" Wu Qing, if your work is also called poetry, then all around us in the form of spoken and written language is poetry, our dreams raving,basket louboutin, eating chewing is poetry,ceinture ermenegildo zegna, dogs bark, cattle snoring is poetry. If you put together a few nonsense can become a poet, so ancient and modern poets had said he was a fool read your poetry, not as turn on the TV to see the ad. " Subsequently, users of the Wu Qing poetry called "crap body" friends "seeds earners",cappelli sconto, said:. "Today, talk nonsense can become a poet, Li Bai, Du Fu will burst into tears," friends "Mimi is my house BB ",asics gel lyte 3, said:" I read the works Wu Qing, I finally know, you just make thirty-five sentence.

or nervous. August 6, 312 West State Road broaden fertilizer on site work segment Jiang master dig a plastic bag, which is equipped with a large number of rusty shells, then, local police dispatched 53 artillery shells at the height of martial law will be packing tape from. However, since Jiang master negligence, resulting in three rounds left lying on the tricycle, until the next morning,casquette jordan, was brought to light. The police investigation judge, these shells belong War remnants of the old, though not properly firing, but still has a certain risk of explosion.


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