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"80" Li Wenjie (left) first mounted Wangtie Jiang. Chang nine high-speed entrance, Ouyang Jie (left) end of the 70 minutes Wangtie Jiang hailed. Jiujiang, Jiangxi toll toll Yu Yanyan Wang Tieqiang stopped to help a car. Shandong Han Mr. Zhang (right) Wang Tiejiang equipped with 600 kilometers.
Free trial ride and well-being
Junior boys penniless rely on help from strangers, from Nanchang Back 3400 kilometers away from Fuyu home
Junior boys Wang Tiejiang standing (South) Chang nine (River) highway must pass through the fork, straight arm, smiling, turning to the deceleration of the vehicle thumbs up.
Cowboy turned brimmed straw hat, a meter bag, plus the international request a ride posture, 27 years old,http://tgm1.pta-koho.jp, he began a trip in the summer do not have any money, without food,http://www.sdwfshuma.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=7058&fromuid=3278,louboutin homme, only to rely on help from strangers special back home journey. A minute, another minute and 70 minutes later, without a car stop. Trinidad rider refused as early as expected.
Departure, in addition to the students most like wearing a white T-shirt, do not know how to get more trust strangers. Nanchang, Jiangxi to the northeast from the countryside, 3400 km away, this whim of what young people will meet?
Starting with a fruit knife
July 15 afternoon, heavy rain Nanchang, from Nanchang Institute of Communication Engineering male dormitory. He successfully helped him find two coin interchange the two buses, armed police station in the car where it is close chang 9 Highway.
Drive through "80" Li Wenjie saw hailed young man standing at a traffic light, I heard that this was a special trip, he readily open the door. Li Wenjie do foreign trade business is not the way, but he still around the pocket to put Wang Tiejiang highway fork.
Only to be turned down five or six times encountered enthusiastic Li Wenjie, Wang Tiejiang a little excited, but then the long wait Chang nine high-speed port, and rubbed his gesture ride that momentum to international standards.
A 4 pulls prepared from white bag, the black pen to write "Jiujiang" word, it is only 3400 km journey the first goal. He put white in the chest, looks a bit like a coolie at the roadside waiting for the employer, the car still did not stop him.
He had to give up the props, greatly waving arms, like the kind of roadside towns via bus carrying passengers waiting at any time, and occasionally a car "squeak" sound stopped, "Jiujiang, $ 80, do not go away." The cheapest 10 yuan, but Wang Tieqiang not pocket a cent.
Without a penny, just rely on help from strangers, from Nanchang, Jiangxi, Jilin Fuyu school back home, he gave a special tour of the rules laid down journey. Wang Tieqiang surrounded by a circle of students like outdoor adventure, we often ride in the online printing Tibet, Shanghai riding experience,scrape hogan, but he wanted to try another "adventure": "Cycling is one thing, and I hope the strange a bit of the intersection, take a look at everyone that society is not as cold. "
Before departure in the end there is some apprehension, "I'm afraid encounter bad guys, I heard more of trafficking in human organs", so he stuffed a 10 cm long fruit knife in the luggage, and home to the mother a telephone call, he said 10 days is to buy their own ticket.
Wang Tieqiang in Chang nine high-speed intersection to wait nearly 70 minutes later, finally saw a private car stopped, he ran quickly to seize the opportunity.
"I am skeptical at him, let him show student ID," 33-year-old Ouyang Jie going Jiujiang Yongxiu County then wife, he recalls, the young man looked at the fall took out ID cards,http://www.hitsujiya-azumino.com/cgi-bin/bbs.cgi/rappers-have-feelings-too/httpdqcian, student card, "I believe." .
6 pm, Wang Tiejiang in Jiujiang toll began to be hailed. Cashier in a voice yelled at him: "go to the other side, you are blocking the camera," he retreated to the other side to continue running, ask, request, but all drivers shook their heads, waved, a full hour, nothing .
Wang Tieqiang conspire cashier, and just call their toll sister approached, seen on her badge says Yu Yanyan. That is eating Yu Yanyan Wang Tiejiang have a day without eating, shoving the bottle of bean soup handed in the past. "You wait a minute, I can help you stopped."
Wang Tieqiang standing in the distance, and hear what driver said, but she looked more than a dozen consecutive asked the driver, the other will be waved, shook his head. Such a result, he was not surprised. A week before, he deliberately doing an investigation in Nanchang, "If you want to take your car backpackers, would you take him?"
"Absolutely not," a bus driver was so straightforward answer he was injured, "away from home, especially in a long journey, are multi-less attitude, without you no harm, but take you out in case something things, steal sheep. "
Jiujiang toll whole spent a half hour later, Wang Tieqiang heard Yu Yanyan call him on the train. A pickup truck, the car full of stuff, but also particularly dirty, Wang Tieqiang the exhaust pipe on the front passenger seat moved away, squeeze up, waved and help Yu Yanyan his farewell.
Destinations minivan Anhui Susong, Anhui, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces eight counties join a department of a small town,piumini moncler, in that spent the first night ride home.
10 pm, a small supermarket entrance on the outskirts of Susong, after eating bread and watermelon to the owner, the tent stood at the door, "have been good preparation for the hungry, eat the watermelon simply asking too much . "
By supermarket lights, lying on his stool diary, "nonstop hurry hard, but stopped to six cars, this trip made me feel human well-being, many will be eager to help the stranger, the others will encounter apathy and understand, plan out tomorrow Anhui,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/r-one/chooka-1011036.html, Shandong into. "
He walked 1200 kilometers a day
The next morning, expectant woke found on the outside of the tent sneakers lost, "supermarket boss reminded me that young cafe next door to the supermarket robbed,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/lens-deli/y-5-lcptry.html, I did not care." He wore slippers departure the next day on the unplanned route to go farther.
Mr. Wu to open a small van, no money for bus driver Ren, 29-year-old auto company Mr. Bai Lingli, they used a morning time to Wang Tiejiang from Susong brought Hefei.
Just noon, Hefei toll gathered a lot of large truck drivers to rest and eat, Wang Tiejiang one by one asked in the past, after 15 minutes, two truck drivers in Shandong to let him on the train. This is the longest period of hitchhiking trip, 8 hours, 600 km.
Get off a look, by large trucks car in front of the sea stunned, "driver brother did not lie to me, really easy to ride here." In the shadow of the night "Logistics City" Shandong Linyi, only half an hour, Wang Tiejiang will climb another bus bound for Hebei Cangzhou large trucks.
"He picked ride is you, not you pick him,chaussures louboutin, thankful someone is willing to load and maintain general direction on the line." Wang Tieqiang or abandon the original plan to Zhengzhou, Jinan routes, in large truck gallop all the way north.
Zhang truckers and age, perennial long distances, but not like this job, "not at home all year round, but on the highway it is big risk, a bad line change into the occupation, under the old and small of".
Wang Tieqiang pulled out a small camera to Zhang borrowed the driver to take pictures, do not want to flash back to sleep in the co-pilot woke up.
Bao eyes bleary-eyed driver of a car saw a stranger, he was startled. "What?" He said, they never let strangers take a car, "It is not only the plot it on TV?"
3:00, two young truck driver sent Wang Tiejiang barrels of instant noodles, put him in the Cangzhou service area, 'the service area hailed success rate. "
put up tents in the service area of open space, he spent a second night ride tour, "The first day walked more than 200 kilometers, about 1200 km walk the next day, tired and sleepy, diaries did not write."
Three hours did not catch the car
On the third day in the morning, really good luck, Wang Tiejiang drilled a tent, to catch up to the work of Mr. Tianjin daughter of private cars. Tianjin Tang official village service area, took two hours, he got into a bus destined for private Beidaihe, "this car, encountered a home-like warmth."
Private bus consists of three individual partnership, drivers and old son about the same size, is serving in the army, "Give me your ID card to me, I go and you look for the traffic police, so he stopped a car to Changchun, go straight home." old driver tried to help find a shortcut.
"You do not understand,chaussures roshe run pas cher, people just out of hardship," the young driver Shao Wei Cong only two years older than Wang Tiejiang, but already 10 years into the line, he exposed face of envy, "I also want to venture out, but now have children, go to family and I have. "
Another partner Yang aunt then took Wang Tieqiang to a QQ number, "Next time you come out, you take my son," Yang aunt son graduated from college, not looking for work, the light house at home guarding the computer, she hopes occasionally young encountered can pull a son. Along the way, three owners to Wang Tieqiang stuffed beverages, Donkey fire, passengers gave two biscuits, get off, as he bid farewell to friends,http://www.wpinu.co.jp, said goodbye to recognize three hours, accompanied by 360 km of a car.
Evening, large trucks continue to take,http://tucchy.sakura.ne.jp/c/epad/epad.cgi?mode=view&no=6192&res=1&page=10, to catch the night road. Liaoning, two large cargo drivers can not stand Ruanmoyingpao got him, "Now we do not want to Lei Feng not only 'Lei Feng' lives uncomfortable" after the familiar, the driver and his brother Liu explained, "you can lead a student dress or sympathy."
1:00 more, some drowsy the driver avoid detours in the road,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/pajamaya/21042309-y0000.html, missed the best place to get off, he finally settled in Liaoning in the service area, bar tents sleeping.
Thought into the Shanhaiguan, will smooth the road to go home, but did not expect to encounter the most difficult stagnation. 3 hours, rejected hundreds of times, let Wang Tiejiang depressed mood, "I saw seven or eight people divided into teams of two, saw the car parked say bought a new jack, low-cost transfer, repeatedly selling, ask them one by one car I have been asked again came as a liar, "and this time, even produce their identity cards and student ID, not as in the past come true.
60-year-old retired cadres Gao Chong Li Wang Tiejiang first refused, but hesitated, "He has very Mianshan." His wife, a university teacher, quietly discouraged: "Now the documents can be false." However, two elderly traveling in a small dispute finally let this young man got on.
Chatting all the way, get off after Tieling, Liaoning, Gao Chong Li's wife to several drivers briefing special trip, so direct Dandong Mr. Wu Changchun take him 300 km.
"Quick, son to Fuyu, you go to pick him up crossing", received the news of his son home early, iron strong mother urged his wife to launch motorcycle, home to 1.5 km away from the intersection waiting. But after a while, iron strong father alone ride back.
Wang Tieqiang take a village to run a rental car, take a last farewell to his driver, in the eyes of curious villagers chase, he went straight to the house.
"Net gab, this date does not give money to who you take? Someone really pull you up? I gave you something to eat?" My son is quite a sense of accomplishment, her father surprised reprimanded.
Nanchang - Yongxiu - Jiujiang, Anhui Susong - Anqing - Hefei, Linyi - Cangzhou, Hebei - Tianjin - Hebei Beidaihe - Shenyang - Tieling, Changchun - Fuyu City, along the way to take the 20 car, was rejected hundreds of times . Wang Tieqiang "drift" for four days and three nights, across half of China, July 18 finally eat my mother to prepare dinner.
After removing the bags, he felt more like a hitchhiking trip to a special internship with the temperature, "temptation to the human being, not a fruit knife to spend."
Southern Reporter Chen Xianling intern Liu Zhikun
(Original title: free ride again cold and warm)

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