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Zhong Guangwei
10 months of his life so that the miners lung "covered with dust," Zhong Guangwei once won the lawsuit and the owner of the mine, but they refused to implement. Yesterday in Nanjing Chest Hospital to see Zhong Guangwei, this year only 37 years old, boomer, he actually want to wear oxygen assisted breathing! Eventually change his fate, was actually a small micro-Bo (
His bitterness won the case, but can not get compensation
Zhong Guangwei original body particularly sturdy. November 2006, Zhong Guangwei was introduced to Shanxi Datong Yungang town Chikurinji mine workers, this is the beginning of his physical deterioration. In the underground, Zhong Guangwei responsible for drilling on the rock. Downhole poor ventilation, pneumatic drills a start, dust floating around, "is full of dust, can not see people, twelve meters across had propaganda." Zhong Guangwei introduced. When work, Zhong Guangwei one is gray, his head, his face full of dust, even walking down the street almost did not recognize his wife.
Less than half a year, Zhong Guangwei lungs feel unwell,http://eiga.yokkaichi.org/sunbbs2/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=1953&page=, whenever they cough, go to a small clinic to see, is often misdiagnosed as a cold, eat a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs, but her condition did not improve. "Later,moncler outlet online, lung pain can not stand," the doctor successively as emphysema, pneumonia and even tuberculosis to treatment, but more serious condition. This end of the year, Zhong Guangwei this figure, he is suffering from "two silicosis (pneumoconiosis a) lung function with moderate injury." July 2009,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/bottoms-22-menscasual.html, injury expert conclusions show, Zhong Guangwei for disabled three, completely incapacity. At that time, his weight dropped to 130 pounds from the original 110 pounds,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/uchiyama-sports/col-sn0213-a.html, walking out of breath, coughing cry is.
In order to give their own rights, Zhong Guangwei dragged Bingqu the way to the mine and each unit running argument over 3 years full of bitterness. Initially, the mine owners naturally does not recognize. Zhong Guangwei found a coal mine where the area of the southern suburb of labor bureau, the results of the final ruling Labor Bureau finds that: Zhong Guangwei labor relations and coal does not exist. At that time, Zhong Guangwei and coal companies do not sign labor contracts,http://www.wao.or.jp/~haitaman/cgi/aska.cgi?mode=resmsg&no=4307Encuentro, he told this reporter, "You must take this story out: Now the brother of migrant workers must have awareness of rights, and employers to sign labor contracts"
Thereafter, Zhong Guangwei naturally refused to accept that he will sue the coal mine on the southern outskirts of court. Southern suburbs Court ruling overturned the labor bureau, the facts found to exist Zhong Guangwei labor relations and Chikurinji coal mines, coal mines ordered to compensate 49 million yuan. I thought that won the lawsuit, the money will be able to heal, did not expect the good wishes or nothing. Judgment entered into force more than four months,http://www.wnrung.com/news/html/?216615.html, until May this year, Zhong Guangwei failed to get a penny. By this time, in order to litigation and medical treatment, Zhong Guangwei a debt, Zhong Guangwei my condition has become more serious, "a twelve pounds of stuff to mention all can not move, coughing!" Desperate Zhong Guangwei thought several times suicide.
Begin in September this year, after listening to the person, Zhong Guangwei thought to help with network rights. He registered a signed "Zhong Guangwei 2010" microblogging Sina Weibo, began to talk about his own misfortune contracted pneumoconiosis and unsuccessful activist experience.
In the first micro-Bo, Zhong Guangwei wrote: "I suffer from severe 'two silicosis' lung function, completely lost the ability to work to find the Executive Director of the Court, he let the families waiting at the door,http://msmc.dip.jp, but never their own windows. He climbed out and ran. "Zhong Guangwei microblogging soon attracted the attention of many users around the country a few well-meaning friends and even sets to Beijing,woolrich sito ufficiale, made a special trip to visit Zhong Guangwei a Shanxi. "At that time is our most difficult time," Zhong Guangwei introduced, many people are left with a 90 yuan, the whole family to eat for several days of bread, "because cheap bread, ah, a dollar can buy three," was Datong under the good thick snow, but then the cold days, Zhong Guangwei cover or summer friend sent blankets.
Zhong Guangwei a dilemma to make friends chilling, "is full of Datong Coal Mine, and even heating their homes with coal can not afford," a netizen emotion. Thereafter, these few users not only to donate money, Zhong Guangwei a buy back the rice oil necessities and briquettes.
Zhong Guangwei encounter spread after these few friends, more people began to familiar, plus some traditional media during the intervention, Datong local feel strong pressure. October 28 this year, the southern suburbs of Datong Court held a hearing on the implementation, the court mediation, Zhong Guangwei reluctantly accepting 270,000 yuan in compensation, which is almost 490 000 of the original judgment folded. Zhong Guangwei reporter asked, why accept compensation for miners almost folded, Zhong Guangwei said he fundamentally just like mine can not afford to consume,peuterey outlet, "said the doctor went to therapy just discovered my illness, maybe now is good, the more we delay the more serious ! "see miners compensation taking shape, Zhong Guangwei made a micro-Bo,moncler outlet, so that we do not donate money to him, and thank you for your kindness.
On the micro-Bo, Zhong Guangwei announced his wife's account,http://www.postyourasian.com,scarpe hogan outlet, after which there will be another kind contributions of users all over the country, has been more than 30,000 yuan donations. These are good-hearted people, from Beijing,http://bbs.szata.org.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2177422, "Beijing cook," Shanghai "Paris" and other users also help arrange a hospital for treatment, this is the reason Zhong Guangwei came to Nanjing, "they said this hospital more professional," Zhong Guangwei introduced.
His hope Monday will lavage in Nanjing Chest Hospital
Public "pneumoconiosis" may not be familiar.
June 22, 2009, Henan migrant workers to prove that he is indeed suffering from pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis instead, select the "Inspection thoracotomy lung" approach. This shocking act so many public was informed for the first time what is called "pneumoconiosis." Professionals, "pneumoconiosis" is due to the professional activities and long-term inhalation of dust production and retention in the lungs caused by diffuse fibrosis in the lung tissue-based systemic disease, typical symptoms are cough, chest pain.
Recent one on "pneumoconiosis" the famous news from Xinjiang, according to November 9 "urban consumer Morning News" reported: Xinjiang coal mine worker who suffers from pneumoconiosis, washed out from the lungs of 48 bottles of Blackwater!
Zhong Guangwei worried about their lungs but also to wash out so many Blackwater, "my lungs I guess we can wash out a lot of black water bottle", "the doctor said entire lung above all gray," Zhong Guangwei told this reporter.
Noon yesterday, Zhong Guangwei out of the room to do something, the results did not take long, people feel can not stand, "chest tightness, breathing was breathing," he did not dare to go, and rushed back to the hospital oxygen. "You see me laughing now seems all right, but I do not walk even a year-old child as."
Zhong Guangwei side of his wife, this year in October, less than a 3-year-old husband and son come together, the results did not go far, Zhong Guangwei not to expel the son.
Reporters learned that the hospital will be next Monday Zhong Guangwei "lung wash", simply, is to use a tube from the mouth into his lungs, and then injected drugs cleaned.
A message associated with that, according to the Daily Worker reported: "Reporters from November 10 meeting of the national coal mine occupational safety and health experience exchange and the National Coal pneumoconiosis prevention site meeting was informed that: the national coal mine dust has 2.65 million people it is estimated that every year 5.7 million people suffering from pneumoconiosis, pneumoconiosis due to the death of more than 6,000 people, the death toll is twice the safe production accident. "newspaper reporters Valley / FIG.

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