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Recipients girls and entrepreneurs
They are the "rich", in a sense be said to have achieved a "Financial Freedom" invisible "behind the scenes", they will subsidize poor students as his another life "rich" who should be aware of their own play , to find true happiness and satisfaction
Recently, Botou green NGO organizations held a student recipients girls gathering in Cangzhou. This is a intertwined with love and warmth,piumini woolrich outlet, passion and tears moving party. Due to this gathering, reporters once again this love student organization "behind the scenes" became interested funders: After years of hard work for these, each with a copy of the cause of the envy of others "boss" who, what is the What kind of consideration to, Cai Ganxin "just take the money, do not reveal the name," drove more than one million worth of luxury cars traveling on the muddy village road door to door visits to poor students? And so reporters surprise, because the room is not enough,louboutin outlet, the party on the first day at noon when four or five "bosses" with this team executor Lee huddled together in the house, one of the boss off your shoes lying on bed rest, and even a sock on his bare toes. Reporters learned that the "boss" of this year's student section dig 1.5 million. On the network "will curse every rich" context, so we approached such a team.
Newspaper reporter Li Jiawei in Cangzhou text /
Low-key "rich"
Before and after the Spring Festival in 2010, Mr. Li Botou people and a local entrepreneur mentioned in casual conversation now some poor college students need help. Since this time chat, the two had an idea, and that is why not mobilize and organize around a few friends, they form a "small team",http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/uchiyama-sports/new-w630d-a.html, "help a good too!"
The team is Botou green student NGO organizations. Entrepreneurs from four at the start of "expansion" to the present 14 entrepreneurs and a Cangzhou City of "workers." They funded a total of 43 poor college girls and a junior high school students. More importantly, the team will continue to run, there will be more poor students to get help.
Mr. Lee said that this caring team of entrepreneurs are Botou locals, mostly in local companies. These enterprises to dust environmental protection equipment, casting, building lease based. In these entrepreneurs, who have won two of Botou "Mayor Special Award." Enterprise largest annual production value of up to 60 million yuan, the smallest have a few million dollars, as well as enterprises in Cangzhou City of leading enterprises, the local big profits. In a sense, these entrepreneurs have achieved "financial freedom", we use a standard to judge the people, they are "rich."
But Lee told reporters, and those with the "rich" related to different news, this caring team of entrepreneurs we usually see on the web is not the usual life of luxury. In addition to operational needs because their cars are generally more "luxury", the food, clothing, not spending billions of dollars, not to mention the squandered. One team boss because every day guarding the site, so do not wear socks to develop the habit of going out before the work is intentionally put on a pair of socks. Another owner said that even now, he still will be counted afterwards in mind when shopping, "to see is to buy buy biscuits or buns appropriate fit." Another boss, in order to buy a watch actually ran three shopping malls, go to a not resolved, go to a not resolved, bought the last bite.
Even now set up this love team, these entrepreneurs are still a strict implementation of the "discipline" that is not to give his name and company name to the media. Reporters have participated in the activities of the team, with a number of entrepreneurs have been in contact, but they still do not know everyone's name. Hidden "behind the scenes", they will finance their poor students as another life, another career.
Reporters who follow this team more than once into the village to visit. The first is the entrepreneur Jia drove his car was difficult to walk the road. It was a luxury car, the reporter wondered: how not change a "second" something of it? In the car with Mr. Lee replied that these entrepreneurs attach great importance to the poor students visit each year, are open to the best car.
According to the provisions of this team, the first to join the team of entrepreneurs that four year contributions 5,000, after increasing 5000 yuan per year to $ 20,000 cap. Other entrepreneurs minimum annual contribution of $ 2000, if it is "one to one" helping, recipients must complete a four-year school students. Lee said, in fact, for these entrepreneurs, the biggest pay those bills are not seen to, but time, energy and emotion. These people are busy, and even some employers say 0:00 before sleep had no sleep, but they insist on personally interviewing the families of the first enterprises aside. Facing poor students to see the plight of some children in the home, more than one entrepreneur who shed tears on the spot. Not only do they own into it, and some also mobilized their wives joined the team as a volunteer.
And such scenes are etched in the recipients girls high round (a pseudonym) of the heart. In an interview with reporters, the junior college students now admitted that she had grown up in rural areas,orecchini tiffany, we have not seen what "the rich", only to see on TV some, but these people left her impression is not good. But these luxury cars drove away the dirt of the "rich" uncle came to visit the family, she was deeply touched. She said that when people are worried about money the whole family, to help those "not a family owning family."
"Pioneering" filled with hardships
Recently, under the guarantee of anonymity and business name of the premise, this team of reporters and entrepreneurs more than communication, so learned in these "rich" look more dark side.
Entrepreneur Liu year was "to run the business." He said it was something around 1989, and he went out to run the business, the way from Botou to Yangquan, Shanxi and other places, a total of 10 days, even the car with food,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/topism/n-tops-24-topism.html, accommodation, spent a total of 60 dollars. The "record" so that he still feels proud: If I run into a single business, for dinner. Not to earn money,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/waiwai/g-6900-1.html, I will not eat.
Entrepreneur Guo year in the town opened a small store, you need to purchase Shijiazhuang. So, he squeezed a night departure car. Shijiazhuang is the 6:00 more, where did open the door. Fortunately, that summer, in the winter, can not stand the cold. Once it is frozen, and so he just saw a bunch of roadside sanitation workers sweep up the garbage, so he lit, roasted fire.
Another equally surnamed Guo boss, this year less than 30 years old. But he still remember as a child to wear shoes bare toes. And it Jia, speaking the emotion, when he and his wife in Beijing street vendor, eat a lot of pain. Ask, then there are these entrepreneurs tractor pull bricks, when construction workers, selling mutton pieces ...... although when two entrepreneurs had obtained his father's help, but they are also in business to do that based on the big I do not know how many times.
Such hard experience deeply imprinted in their lives, a profound impact on their thinking and way of life. Someone once asked the team a boss, why do you only support poor girls do? Who then rely on their own hard work out of the hands of entrepreneurs did not hesitate to answer: big guy beat!
Aided students in high round eyes, quietly pay these enthusiastic people "the world's most beautiful people," because their behavior not only gave her self-confidence and courage, but also inspired her: to try to make himself into a image selfless dedication of people like them, to help more people who need help.
"Rich" that "rich"
"Now why people 'hating'? In fact, is not jealous of other people's wealth, but some people once hands are Liangqian 'burn' does not know what his last name," and "honest money, live honestly,http://www.insungchina.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=421749, who you can not say,peuterey spaccio, but now some really rich people do those things people look down "...... in the interview, the team more than an entrepreneur expressed such views.
Entrepreneur Mr. Liu told reporters that he found the news "the rich mostly because the car accident," such as driving a car and bullying you, people kinda hit a cross or something. In the "summary" of such a law, he dedicated to his two sons opened a "little while", they asked a lot of attention in this regard. So that he was pleased that the eldest son had to drive back and when a motorcycle accident, not accidents, the eldest son hurried to send each other off to the hospital, took out 2000 dollars so that "the first flower." Results of each other is also a sensible person, because he insisted that the incident was the responsibility of finding a way not to close ...... Liu said with emotion, most people still "to face to face", you respect him, he maintains, it was also there is one that one stands to reason to.
"We are regarded as 'rich' you?", An entrepreneur this is somewhat uncertain. He said, what money, what is money? This does not seem to be an accurate measure of the number. In addition, each of them to bear enormous pressure on the operation, also is experiencing all kinds of outsiders do not know the difficulties and even painful. In any case, whenever he walked into a poor family still think: how to say this than I am now conditions are good, help to help a bar.
Influential "love life Aixin" responsible person "tooling" in an interview with reporters, said in Cangzhou local entrepreneurs behavior made him admire and respect. With the development of society, to achieve "financial freedom" more and more people,http://bbs.ynxych.com:5001/home.php?mod=space&uid=126308, then these people are racking their brains every day to fame and fortune, or to "Recreation"? These can be met really spiritual it? He believes that only pay will have fun. His love as a team is a "grassroots team" members are ordinary people, but within their sphere of competence "to pay, and be happy," he said, true happiness is "to help others, their own happiness."
"Rich how to do",http://www.52studying.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=74126?
For this team,http://www.0356sh.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=6938, I do not want to join will be able to join. Lee said that the team has strict rules, in addition to compliance with national laws and regulations, adding business entrepreneurs, whether private life or business entrepreneur, should have a good social evaluation. Must personally go to visit, and recipients may not have contact with students --- This is the spontaneous formation of rules entrepreneurs, in order to let the children know who foots the bill, just remember a warm enough. Regular team meetings to study new issues will arise and heard executor Lee's summary. They also declare in advance that the team is not joiners provide any charitable unrelated "convenience." "We are touched each other," Lee said, these entrepreneurs' behavior so that he again moved. And he once went to Tianjin to visit a poor student, own three meals only took 14 dollars. Several entrepreneurs proposed to provide a portion of operating expenses, but every time he refused: "This team every penny, children who have to be well spent."
Lee believes that the current society is concerned, this team is not the greatest contribution funded 43 poor students, but can provide a copy of the "possibility." He said that now the society filled with abuse and accusations, so to more understanding and integration, less isolated and tear. They team through real action proved that everyone has a good side, given the chance, people are still willing to sacrifice for others. This team of entrepreneurs also all the "rich" to provide a reference for, and that is how to make your life more meaningful, to make their lives more valuable, at play and dedication to find another kind of life, to find true happiness and satisfaction.
Cangzhou Teachers College professor of Chinese that these join the public welfare "rich man" who answered a "get rich how to do" problem. With China's economic development, some people get rich first. Confucius said, "rich and eager to learn, wealth and manners," but some people rich and good benefits, good rich and extravagant, indulging in the pleasures of the material being, thus losing the direction of the soul. The team made a guide in the back to the community and dedication of love to get a satisfaction,http://www.izhengji.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=125566,scarpe hogan outlet, realized a value. She said that a society is not only the emergence of a profit as the highest ideal of human life, the community can really go by a wealthy noble. She believes that the media should be more to convey such information to allow people to achieve understanding in communication.

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